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The source of this list was probably Sophia Bisbee. Note the confusion between the deaths of Reuben and Reuben Jr. Reuben Sr. died 12 Sep 1865. Reuben Jr. died 21 Mar 1883 (Pennsylvania). 
Source (S1344)
2 Christened at Church of Christ in Worthington. James Bisbee, widower and farmer, was known as "Captain." In 1847 he was 46 years old. Died Canton, Mass., "son of Jonothan and Susannah." Bisbee, Capt. James F. (I3616)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cunningham, J.A. (I26030)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Melia, E.E. (I25252)
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bisbee, P.H. (I8718)
6 Sec. J Block 36G3 Bisbee, Ross Leroy (I8807)
7 She died: "Aged 73 yrs. 11 mos. 6 das." Smith, Union (I5100)
8 "...possibly on his farm in Harwich Township, Kent County Ontario. I originally thought he may have died in Darlington but later found that he had a farm in Harwich Township. I have not found an obituary or any indication that he is buried with his wife in Craford Cemetery," Burk, Ira Brisbin (I31014)
9 "ADDITIONAL COUNTY NEWS, Wattsburg (Sept, 1904). F. W. Bisbee has purchased the Clark Putnam place about four miles south of North East consisting of about 25 acres. The consideration was $650." -- unidentified newspaper clipping held by the Wattsburg Area Historical Society. Bisbee, Frank Wilson (I84)
10 "Aged 34 yrs." Bisbee, Joanna (I851)
11 "Aged 52 yrs. 7 mos. 6 das." Faunce, John Jr. (I1100)
12 "Aged 69 Yrs." Bisbee, Chandler (I1222)
13 "Aged 77 Years." Place of death is tentative. Brooks, Thomas (I761)
14 "Aged 93 yrs." Whiton, Matthew III (I1008)
15 "aged 94 years" Bisbee, Luther (I1171)
16 "All of the children inherited weak lungs; the five youngest died of tuberculosis." Family: Gad Hayford / Sarah H. Bisbee (F1372)
17 "At the home of her son, C. R. Bisbey, two and one-half miles northeast of town, Sunday, May 5th, 1901 of ailments incident to old age, Sophia C. Bisbey died at the ripe old age of 86 years, 3 months and 5 days. Sophia C. Waterman was born near Rochester, NY, February 1st, 1815 and at the age of five removed with her mother to the state of Pennsylvania. Here in 1836 she was united in marriage to Joseph Bisbey, who died in 1863. Soon after her marriage she moved with her husband to Illinois and later to Minnesota. In 1891, she moved to Buena Vista County where until the time of her death she has made her home. Five children were born to her, one orf whom died in infancy and one in young womanhood. Three children survive her, Rev. N. R. Bisbey, of Webb; C.R. Bisbey at whose home she passed away and a daughter, Mrs. George McNeir, of Spring Valley, Minn. All of her surviving children were with her when she passed away. She accepted Christ and was baptized into the Baptist Church in 1840 and was a consistent Christian for sixty-one years. She died in perfect peace and faith in the Savior she had trusted for so many years. For the past two years she has been a great sufferer but through it all she retained her mind and bore the pain with Christian patience and fortitude. She talked of death as simply going home and her last intelligible words were "Jesus will help." The funeral services were held at the home. Rev. Lapham, Baptist minister at Ayrshire, officiating, after which all that was mortal of grandma Bisbey was laid to rest in the Garfield Cemetery."

We wish to thank the friends and neighbors who so kindly helped us in caring for our mother in her last sickness. N.R. Bisbey C.R. Bisbey Mrs. Geo. McNeir.

Baptism: 1840
Burial: May 1901, Garfield Cemetery, Buena vista County. Iowa 
Waterman, Sophia Charlotte (I8770)
18 "Benjamin Bisbee was a farmer. His father, Samuel, by a deed drawn in 1761 but not executed until 1764, bought 61 acres in Stoughton, a part of Lot 18, in the 5th range of the 25th division of Dorchester land. This lot was on what is now Park Street not far from the Brockton line. There Samuel built a house and by his will bequeathed his homestead to his son, Benjamin, subject to a life lease on one-half the estate to his mother and unmarried sister. Benjamin added to this later by purchases of several lots in Stoughton, among them in 1838 was on on the East side of Taunton Road owned by his son, Otis. It is now (1890) owned by the children of James Otis Bisbee."

Records of soldiers and sailors of the Revolutionary War from Massachusetts lists, "Benjamin Bisbee of Stoughton, Private, Capt. Fred Pope's Co., Col. Paul Dudley Sargent's Reg't. Register Muster Roll dated 8-1-1775; enlisted June 24th, 1775. Service 1 mo., 10 das."

Also, "Company's return." (Probably Oct. 1775)

Also, "Order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money, date 11-11-1775."

And, "Descriptive list of men enlisted from Suffolk County for the term of 9 mos. from time of arrival at Fishkill, June 14, 1778. Dated Dorchester. Benjamin Bisbee, Capt. Swan's Co., Col. Gill's Reg't, aged 18 yrs., stature 5'-9", hair light, eyes light, nationality, American; occupation, husbandman; residence, Stoughton. Rec'd. by Sgt. Elkanah Mixon from Maj. Stephen Bidlaw's and del'd. to Brig. Gen. Jonothan Warner at Fishkill."

Also, "Pv't. Capt. Samuel Holden's Co., Col. Ebenezer thayer's Reg't. (Suffolk Co.) Enlisted 7-23-1780, discharged 10-30-1780, service 3 mos. 10 das., enlistment 3 mos.; Company raised to reinforce Continental Army."

Also, "Pvt. Maj. William Lithgow's Co., Col. Benjamin Tupper's Reg't., muster roll for March 1779, enlistment 9 mos."

Also, "Pv't. enrolled uner Capt. Sameul Page's Co. in battery of Mass. forces commanded by Col. Benjamin Tupper Feb. 1779; included Benjamin Bisbee, mustered out 3-3-1779." This company (Page's) was in the assault at Stony Point under Gen. Anthony Wayne. (See journal of Capt. Samuel Page in Campaign of 1779.)

From Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, "Bisbee, Benjamin or Benjamin Bisbe or Bisby, Milly, W2057, BLW #9408-160-55, MA Line, sol appl 7 Aug 1832 Norfolk Cty MA aged 72 a res of Stoughton MA & had enl there in 1775, b 16 Oct 1759 at Bridgewater in Plymouth Cty MA, wid appl 24 Nov 1849 Norfolk Cty MA aged 74, sol m Mille Vose on 24 Dec 1794 at Stoughton MA, sol d 11 Oct 1849, wid appl for BLW 16 Mar 1855."

Benjamin d. "aged 89 yrs. 11mos. 20 das." 
Bisbee, Benjamin (I1386)
19 "Bert" Wallace owned a furniture store on Main Street in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania. Eva ran a milliner shop on Main Street. Family: Thomas Bert Wallace / Eva A. Smith (F1219)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: C. Williamson / L.J. Bisbee (F5325)
21 "Both of Plympton, Mass." Family: William Marshall Bisbee / Catherine Warren Harrub (F1021)
22 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Park, L.C. (I30351)
23 "Child of Hopestill and Hannah." Bisbee, Sarah (I929)
24 "Child of Widow Bisbee, aged 7 mos., 1 da." Bisbee, Infant (I3423)
25 "Daughter of Mallery and Lupira." Curtis, Abigail (I3569)
26 "Deed for 339 pounds, 0 shillings, 0 pence, from John Leavitt of Hingham, 23d Oct. 1728 to Isaac Thomas, Gent., for Cooper land in Pembroke next to John Bisbee's on the Bridgewater line." John d. "Aged 44 years." Leavitt, John (I935)
27 "Elijah was one of the earliest settlers along the Black River near what is now in Croswell Mich. He was a trapper in 1835. He Camped each winter to hunt and trap and each spring he took furs to the trading post near Pt Huron by walking on the ice on Lake Huron with a fur loaded sled to the St. Clair River. It's believed he returned to Canada for several springs-Historian Rosa Dumond" Letter to Joanna Waugh, Feb 2002, from Gwen Johns. Bisbee, Elijah (I9047)
28 "Elisha Bisbee, Jr. was a farmer in Sumner. HE was never out of the state of Maine and never rode in a boat or railroad train. He was very light complexioned. His hair was snow white for several years before he died." Bisbee, Elisha Jr. (I2712)
29 "Elliot W. Bisbee, residence Moretown, Vt., enlisted 1 June 1917, Canton, Ohio 4th Ambulance Company, O. N. G., born Moretown, discharged 1918." The books "Early American Rooms" by Russell Hawkes Kettell and "Green Dining Room," published by the Concord Antiquarian Society and written by Kenneth Conant, contained a note by Elliot W. Bisbee. Telephone directory listing gives: Mrs. Elliot W. Bisbee 16 Louisberg Sq., Boston, 1954 Joyce Bisbee same address. Bisbee, Elliot Walter (I5462)
30 "From "Isaac Allerton of the Mayflower": On 4 Feb 1702/3 Thomas Loring of Plymouth and Thomas Cushman of Duxbury, Mass sold land in Duxbury, Mass to John Bradford; Sarah, wife of Thomas Cushman ack. the deed 5 Feb 1702/3.

"On 1 Apr 1703 Henry Woodward of Lebanon sole 200 acres in Lebanon (CT) to Thomas Coachman of Dusbury, Mass.

"On 19 Jul 1710 John Smith of Lebanon sold 51 acres in Lebanon to Thomas Coachman of Lebanon.

"The will of Thomas Cushman dated 9 Jan 1726/7, proved 7 Mar 1726/7, names sons William, Thomas and Eleazer Cushman; daus. Zibiah, Ruth and Lydia Cushman." --A. T. K. Miller. 
Cushman, Thomas III (I8478)
31 "Harriet (Bisbee) Maxim was interested in the Bisbee family records and was of great assistance to Axel Reed in compiling 'The Reeds, Bisbees and Bradfords' in 1915." Bisbee, Harriet Bray (I4217)
32 "Huldah Bisbee was left motherless when 8 years old. She was a pretty girl and had a mild and lively disposition. She had very red hair when young, turning auburn later."

The sixth son, Axel Hayford Reed, wrote "A Genealogical Family Record of the Reeds, Bisbees and Bradfords" in 1915. 
Bisbee, Huldah (I2718)
33 "In the year 1800, Elisha Bisbee married and settled on a tract of wild land in the west part of town and began housekeeping in a small house of two rooms. There being no chimney, he cut off a hollow birch tree that stood near the house and then cut out a fireplace near the ground. Here Mrs. B. did her cooking from May till November. She used to say that she never left the house in the evening without taking a firebrand to keep the wild beasts at bay."
"Elisha Bisbee was a Justice of the Peace and held may other public offices. He was a large man, weighing 315 pounds. In 1877 the family held a reunion at the old homestead of Elisha Bisbee; all ten of the surviving children attended."
Elisha d. "Aged 61 yrs." Burial in Summer Hill Cemetery. 
Bisbee, Elisha (I1027)
34 "John Bisbee, aged 77 yrs. certified in 1832 to service with Lieut. Daniel Soule in Capt. harlow's Co. of Roxbury an in N. Y. with Capt. Sturtevant's Co. of Rhode Island."

Records of soldiers and sailors from Mass. in the Revolutionary War lists, "John Bisbey, Plympton, Private Capt. Thos. Loring's marced on alarm April 19, 1775 to Marshfield; service 1 day."

Also, "Capt. John Bridgeman's Co., Col. Cotton's Reg't. Muster Roll dated 8-1-1775, enlisted May 4, 1775, service 3 mos. 5 das."

Again, "John Bisbey, list of men mustered in Plymouth Co. by James S. Hatch, Muster Master Capt. James Harlow's Co. Col. Gate's Reg't. Residence Plympton. Enlisted for the town of Plympton, enlistment 9 mos. to expire 1-1-1779."

And Again, "Capt. Calvin Curtiss' Co. Col. John Jacob's Reg't., enlisted 6-27-1778; roll made up to Jan. 1, 1779, service 6 mos. 7 das. at Rhode Island."

Also, "Private Capt. Bridgham's Co., Col. Cotton's Reg't.; return dated Oct. 7, 1775, reported discharged June 15th 1775."

Also, "Private Capt. John Harlow's Co. Col. Simeon Cary's Reg't., enlisted 2-1-1776. Roll made up for 6 das., service time marching, and sworn to in Plymouth Co."

Again, "Order for wages for 3 mos. service at Bristol, R. I. payable to Capt. Nathan Alden dated Bristol 3-7-1777. Service in Col. Jeremiah Hall's Reg't."

Also, "Sergeant in Capt. Nathan Alden's Co., Major Eliphant Cary's Reg't. Marched to Rhode Island on alarm 7-30-1780; discharged 8-9-1780, service 11 days."

Seth Sampson lived many years in Plympton on the road leading westward from the Plympton burying ground. His house was the first one eastward of the bridge over Colchester Brook and stook on the north side of said road on the spot where John Bisbee lived in 1832.

Per History of Plymouth County, D. Hamilton Hurd, Compiler, J.W. Lewis & Co, Phila, 1884: 1778 John Bisbee from Capt. Shaw's CO was among those selected to march to Providence for six months.

Grave record from old burying ground at Plympton: "Erected to commorize (sic) John Bisbee, who dec'd June 24, 1842, aged 86 years, 9 months & 9 days."

"Was a Revolutionary War Pensioner." 
Bisbee, John (I1086)
35 "Kenneth Turner Bisbee born Moretown, Vt., enlisted 18 July 1917, 501st Engineers, overseas 1917 to 1919; discharged 1919." Joseph and Kenneth Bisbee lived in Bellows Falls, Vt. in 1918. Kenneth D. Bisbee was living in E. Westmoreland, N. H. in 1953; insurance broker.

Kenneth d. "Aged 42 yrs. 11 mos. 16 das."

Kenneth attended Randolph Agricultural School. He enlisted July 18, 1917 at Boston, Massachusetts and was affiliated with Company "A" 20th Engineers to Sept. 29, 1917. He was also affiliated with Company "D" 501st Engineers and 30th Engineers until his discharge June 7, 1919 at Camp Devens, with rank of 1st Sgt. In 1920 he became associated with the fertilizer business in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. In 1924 he moved to Caribou Maine and worked in the insurance and fertilizer business. 
Bisbee, Kenneth Turner (I5463)
36 "Kingham Churchill had a store at the hill." Churchill, Kingham (I6368)
37 "known by everyone as "Nell."

Crandall Melia(her nephew) says-- " Aunt Nell was one of the most delight
ful people I ever knew. As I indicated in the notes on Uncle Oscar, I spent several summers in Kalispell when I was growing up and Aunt Nell had some of the best positive attitude and lived a life that was able to find humor in the most unpleasant moments. It seemed that she knew everyone in Kalispell in those days, as she was in the pharmacy every day greeting everyone with a big smile and a funny story.

After Uncle Oscar had terrible emphysema ( he was a heavy smoker) and as his health deteriorated, they sold the store in 1951. Oscar died in July, 1961, at the age of 57, and after living several years a widow, Aunt Nell remarried. She married a man that she and Oscar had met while trying to treat his failing health at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Art Frasier was there with his wife who was dying of cancer. After being single several years, Art called her from Vancouver, Canada and they again met when both returned to the Mayo Clinic for check ups. They got together and decide that they really enjoyed each other's company, and later married and remained so for nearly 20 years, living out their years in beautiful Vancouver. Aunt Nell often said that she was really blessed as " most women never have the opportunity of having one loving, faithful husband, and she had TWO!"

We (Charlotte, Crandall and family) had the opportunity to get to know them both very well as they spent many winters in Southern California, to get away from the months of rain during January, February and March in Vancouver. They always spent several days with us and the rest of them at the beach somewhere where we would visit them on the weekends. Art was a wonderful man, both to Nell and to us and had almost as good of a sense of humor as Aunt Nell, although it was much dryer. We would sit for hours while Nell entertained us with her humor and insight into the Melia family, which she knew from afar and from outside observation. Art was a very big man, and because of circulation difficulties, he would walk at 3 to 4 miles a day. Wherever he stayed, he would start down the street and talk to everyone he came up to, whether it was the gardener or the homeowner, and then usually find a pub or at least a coffee shop along his walk and after a few days knew all of the gossip and history of the community. Nell was an avid reader and upon arriving in a town, inquired first of the location of the library where she spent literally hours each week. They took wonderful care of each other until each of them died in Vancouver in their nineties." 
Vasey, Ellen A. (I25269)
38 "known only as 'Keith'." Crandall says he knew him all his life and nev
er knew his first name was Chester until preparing this genealogy.

From "The Melia Family", Kay Melia his first cousin and boyhood close friend:

Keith was my buddy for many years. Our first 17 years were spent within a mile or two of each other. We were in 4-H together, played high school sports together, rode horses together all over the country.---

Keith Married Charlene Swayze, a member of a prominent Bucklin family, had a couple of beatuiful daughters and farmed hard for many years. He also contracted M.S., and died at the age of 66 in Bucklin."

Crandall Added--Keith was one of the most loved people in Bucklin. He volunteered for about every charity event that came up and served on work committees and was always there when someone needed help. I remember when we were visiting back in Bucklin, in a rental car, and slid off one of the muddy country roads into the ditch. It was Keith, on his way to a banquet in his suit, who came with his four wheel drive pickup and pulled us out so we could go to the banquet also. He was well known for always having a smile on his face and a quick willing helping hand. 
Kirkpatrick, Chester Keith (I25264)
39 "Married Andrew Sampson and Abigail Bisbee both by me, Gabriel Bradford J of P." Family: Andrew Sampson / Abigail Bisbee (F509)
40 "Miss Florence Kenyon of Oswaya, PA." Family: James E. Richards / Florence Kenyon (F9339)
41 "Mrs. Ida A. Dow." Married by Rev. Charles S. Black. Family: Orville V. Bisbee / Mrs. Ida A. Dow (F2412)
42 "My grandmother (Susan Bisbee) was a very energetic and capable woman." Bisbee, Susan (I2709)
43 "Names of ye Marriages in The Towne of marshfield
John Bourne & and Ales Besbege was married ye 18th July 1645." This was the second marriage recorded in the town records of Marshfield, Mass.

The Will of John Bourne of Marshfield, written 27 November 1684, and sworn by Alice Bourne, widow, on 4 March 1684/85 bequeathes to or mentions:
wife Ales
son Thomas
daughter Ales Man
son (in law) [John] Man
father (in law) Besbeech
daughter Ann Bayley
son (in law) [John] Bayley
daughter Martha Decro
daughter Mary
daughter Sarah 
Family: John Bourne / Alice Besbeech (F424)
44 "Nov. 26, Anno Domine 1747 Aaron Bisbee and Sarah Soule, both of Duxbury were joined together in marriage by me, Edward Arnold J. of P." Family: Aaron Bisbee, Jr / Sarah Soule (F511)
45 "Reuben Bisbee," said the London Free Press, "was a very interesting man. He was known as a benefactor, public-spirited, early resident. He founded the little village of Devizes, London, Ont. Canada. On his farm was a large brickyard, he built a large brick home, gave enough brick to build Ebenezer Church, named after his eldest son, who left home at a young age, to go west to seek his fortune. He was never heard from, so was presumed killed by Indians or bandits." This was told to Charles Wesley Bisbee by his father Rev. Reuben Bisbee III.
Reuben died at home on the Sappa. 
Bisbee, Reuben E. Jr. (I2365)
46 "Sias Family" by Azariah B. Sias has Florence Belle as the daughter of Almon D. and Christiana (Bierley) Bisbee instead of Louisa Bates Bisbee. Sias, Vincent (I7663)
47 "Wattsburg, June 18 (1941) ...The rooms on the north side of the home of Mrs. Nettie Hurst are being cleaned and papered so they can be used for living quarters by Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Conant, recently married. Mrs. Conant, the former Dorothy Hall is granddaughter of Mrs. Hurst." -- Newspaper clipping, source unknown, held by Wattsburg Area Historical Society. Hall, Dorothy M. (I183)
48 "Your Uncle Stephen talks as fast as ever. Aunt Almeda and cousin Almeda are visiting us." Bisbee, Stephen (I2803)
49 "Zenas" is a contraction of the name "Zenodoras". Bisbee, Zenas (I3975)
50 (from Lewiston Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine. Obituary of Carl E. Bisbee 1921 - 2000 (submitted by Sharon (Bisbee) (Voelker) Downey. NORWAY--Carl E. Bisbee, 78, of South Paris died Thursday, Jan. 13, at the Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway, Maine. He was born in South Paris on Jan18 1921 the son of Edwin B. and Nellie White Bisbee. He was educated in South Paris schools. He had worked for many years at Paris Manufacturing in South Paris and enjoyed woodworking. Mr. Bisbee served his country in the United States Army during World War II in Germany. He has lived most of his live in South Paris. He married the former Mina Millet on Dec14 1940/ He is survived by his wife, a son, Paul and his wife Diana, a daughter-in-law, Debbie and husband Kevin Martin all of South Paris; grandchildren, Teri Fleck, Tami and Brad Corson, Todd Bisbee, Renee Henning, Buffy and Phil Regaldo, Diana Bisbee, Michelle Bisbee, and Amanda Martin; eight great-grandchildren; a sister Carolyn Smith or Fryeburg. He was predeceased by a son, Kieth in 1990. --BISBEE FAMILY CONNECTION, March 2000, vol. 12, Issue 1, p. 3. Bisbee, Carl Edward (I8219)

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