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Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 44.3727777777778, Longitude: -70.3472222222222


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrows, Martha Ann  1827Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I20998
2 Bisbee, Elisha Sylvester  14 Feb 1841Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6067
3 Bisbee, Elizabeth S.  1 Feb 1852Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6071
4 Bisbee, George Dana  9 Jul 1841Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I5965
5 Bisbee, Hannibal  12 Jul 1811Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4193
6 Bisbee, Hannibal Jr.  9 Dec 1842Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6068
7 Bisbee, Huldah  11 Nov 1803Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2718
8 Bisbee, Huldah R.  23 Dec 1838Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6066
9 Bisbee, Lewis C.  7 Jun 1834Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6064
10 Bisbee, Mary Ann  20 Nov 1836Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6065
11 Bisbee, Roland E.  22 May 1849Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6070
12 Bisbee, William H.  16 Jul 1846Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6069
13 Bryant, Anne D.  20 May 1819Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4196
14 Bryant, Horatio  Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4195
15 Bryant, Phoebe  Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4194
16 Dyer, Julian Raymond  13 Feb 1878Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I7580
17 Dyer, Thomas Sale  15 Jan 1916Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I10998
18 Osgood, Merrick Chauncey  22 Apr 1824Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6090
19 Read, Sampson Jr  1773Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4258
20 Reed, Sampson III  14 Mar 1799Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4242
21 Robinson, Orville  1 May 1820Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I5976
22 Sampson, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1807Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4689
23 Thompson, John IV  1725Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4429
24 Tyler, Desire Drake  14 Jul 1834Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4535
25 Tyler, Gilbert  5 Feb 1832Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4534
26 Tyler, Mary Emery  27 Jun 1840Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4536


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bisbee, Francis Marion  5 Sep 1916Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6033
2 Bisbee, Capt. Hopestill  Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2715
3 Bisbee, Horatio  2 Dec 1844Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4215
4 Bisbee, Huldah  11 Jul 1842Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2718
5 Bisbee, Martha Jane  29 Sep 1894Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4216
6 Bisbee, Mary  12 Jan 1832Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2714
7 Bisbee, Susan  24 May 1860Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2709
8 Dunham, Lemuel  22 Feb 1848Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4198
9 Reed, Sampson III  6 Apr 1877Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4242
10 Spaulding, Emeline  2 Apr 1908Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6030
11 Stetson, Elizabeth  25 Jul 1854Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6061


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bisbee, Mary  Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2714


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bisbee, Claude Leon  21 Apr 1910Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I8040
2 Bisbee, Elisha Sylvester  15 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6067
3 Bisbee, Francis Bradbury  21 Apr 1910Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I8039
4 Bisbee, Hannibal  15 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4193
5 Bisbee, Hannibal Jr.  15 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6068
6 Bisbee, Harriet Bray  29 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4217
7 Bisbee, Harriet Bray  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4217
8 Bisbee, Harriet Bray  3 Jun 1880Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4217
9 Bisbee, Capt. Hopestill  29 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2715
10 Bisbee, Capt. Hopestill  16 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2715
11 Bisbee, Capt. Hopestill  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2715
12 Bisbee, Capt. Hopestill  3 Jun 1880Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I2715
13 Bisbee, Huldah R.  15 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6066
14 Bisbee, Lewis C.  15 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6064
15 Bisbee, Martha Jane  29 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4216
16 Bisbee, Mary Ann  15 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6065
17 Bisbee, William Columbus  21 Apr 1910Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I7328
18 Bisbee, William H.  15 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6069
19 Dammon, Mabel  21 Apr 1910Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I8036
20 Maxim, Howard Leonard Jr.  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6110
21 Maxim, Howard Leonard Jr.  3 Jun 1880Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6110
22 Maxim, Dr. Leonard Howard  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6108
23 Maxim, Dr. Leonard Howard  3 Jun 1880Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6108
24 Maxim, Wilma M.  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6111
25 Maxim, Wilma M.  3 Jun 1880Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6111
26 Stetson, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I6061
27 Sturtevant, Martha  29 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4210
28 Sturtevant, Martha  16 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4210
29 Sturtevant, Martha  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4210
30 Sturtevant, Martha  3 Jun 1880Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4210
31 Sturtevant, Seth  29 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA I4211


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bonney / Bisbee  26 Aug 1810Hartford, Oxford, Maine, USA F1421

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