A Bisbee Family History

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Ziba Bisbee

Male 1792 - 1865  (72 years)  

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Elnora Bisbee
Female 1869-Yes, date unknown
Ida G. Bisbee
Female 1872-Yes, date unknown
Margarett M. Bisbee
Female 1876-Yes, date unknown
Charles W. Bisbee
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Sylvia Bisbee
Female 1881-Yes, date unknown
Edith A. Bisbee
Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
George S. Bisbee
Male 1842-1922
Anna M. Vernoy
Female 1843-1925
Fanney Bisbee
Female 1866-Yes, date unknown
Bertie Bisbee
Female 1869-Yes, date unknown
Winslow Bisbee
Male 1844-1921
Rebecca Sylvia Buckingham
Female 1846-1920
Helen M. Blake
Female 1869-Yes, date unknown
Gilbert B. Blake
Male 1875-Yes, date unknown
Albert Blake
Male 1860-Yes, date unknown
Helen L. Bisbee
Female 1848-1890
Comfort S. Blake
Male 1821-1901
Hiram Bisbee
Male 1816-1891
Mary Winslow
Female 1820-1885
Abigail L. Hudson
Female 1836-1851
Adaline N. Hudson
Female 1837-1858
Male -Yes, date unknown
Ira Hudson
Male 1838-1838
Adah Elizabeth Hudson
Female 1840-1889
James Monroe Hudson
Male 1841-1863
Ellen Lincoln Hudson
Female 1842-1920
Samuel Franklin Starr
Male -Yes, date unknown
Laura A. Hudson
Female 1844-1849
Alice M. Hudson
Female 1845-Yes, date unknown
Parker A. McIntosh
Male -Yes, date unknown
Esther C. Hudson
Female 1847-1935
Edwin Burr
Male -Yes, date unknown
Laura E. Hudson
Female 1849-1850
Harriet Bisbee
Female 1818-1884
Dean Hudson
Male 1812-1849
Horatio Bisbee
Male 1818-1843
Nehimiah Lincoln Bisbee
Male 1820-1822
Elizabeth Thomas Bisbee
Female 1822-Yes, date unknown
Lemuel P. Winslow
Male -Yes, date unknown
Male -Yes, date unknown
Gladys Syrena Bisbee
Female 1908-2002
Paul Leroy Reichhoff
Male 1898-1966
New chart
Augustus Edward Bisbee
Male 1910-1988
I. Burr
New chart
Hazel Lee Bisbee
Female 1913-1980
John Michael Boer
Male 1908-1977
New chart
Elizabeth Martha Bisbee
Female 1915-2003
Ralph John Hammond
Male 1912-1994
New chart
Lydia Bisbee
Female 1918-1919
V.R. Bisbee
Chester M. Edwards
Male 27 Feb 1919/1920-
New chart
Virgil James Drake
Male 1918-1998
New chart
Francis Ziba Bisbee
Male 1860-1935
Cora Lee Benedict
Female 1883-1953
Mae Burrows
Female 1883-Yes, date unknown
Mark Burrows
Male 1885-Yes, date unknown
Cora Serepta Bisbee
Female 1864-1938
Male -Yes, date unknown
James Gorden Bennett
Male 1887-Yes, date unknown
Minnie Byers
Elizabeth Ann Bennett
Female 1888-1965
Luke Byers
Male 1862-1940
New chart
Eugene Hand
Asa Bennett
Male -Yes, date unknown
Mary Ila Ellis
Female 1896-1942
Bennett Seldon Thrapp
Male 1884-
New chart
John David Ellis
Male 1899-1918
Robert Ellis
Male 1854-
Maude Bisbee
Female 1895-1979
R. Wery
New chart
Ruth B. Bisbee
Female 1899-1988
John Edward Allen
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Grace Virgual Bisbee
Female 1901-1994
Fred S. Kingman
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Ned Bisbee
Male 1867-1939
Eliza Mariah Ashley
Female 1876-Yes, date unknown
Augustus Bisbee
Male 1824-Abt 1884
Elizabeth Crippen
Female 1835-1908
Walter Carroll Bisbee
Male 1873-1937
Cynthia C. Hayes
Female 1873-1944
New chart
Estella Delphine Bisbee
Female 1875-1910
Thomas E. Allen
Male 1869-1945
New chart
Mary Fidelia Bisbee
Female 1876-1965
Charles Houston Collins
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Ada Zella Bisbee
Female 1879-1962
John Banks McIlvain
Male -1922
New chart
Ida Vella Bisbee
Female 1879-1913
William Jasper Moody
Male 1874-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Sarah Catherine Bisbee
Female 1880-Abt 1935
Henry Harrison
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Frank Bisbee
Male 1883-1965
Ada Armenda Ryals
Female 1885-1965
New chart
Ziba Bisbee
Male 1885-1973
Susie Nancy Thomas
Female 1900-1927
New chart
Minnie Viola Roberts
Female 1899-29 Jun 1981/1982
New chart
William Augustus Bisbee
Male 1887-1973
Ottie Ann Brackville
Female 1890-1979
New chart
Elizabeth Minerva Bisbee
Female 1889-1969
Louis Warner Thomas
Male 1872-1966
New chart
Verda May Bisbee
Female 1892-1919
John Frank Williams
Male 1885-1971
New chart
Lucius Alden Bisbee
Male 1894-1920
Jewel May Thomas
Female 1898-1952
New chart
Lucius Augustus Bisbee
Male 1847-1905
Sarah Catherine Walker
Female 1854-1938
Elizabeth Bisbee
Female 1851-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Carroll Bisbee
Male 1852-1853
Minnie Ross
Female Abt 1876-Yes, date unknown
Olive Idenell Bisbee
Female 1855-1935
Male -Yes, date unknown
William Stead
Male -Yes, date unknown
Clarence C. Bisbee
Male 1895-1968
Martha Gravier
Female -Yes, date unknown
Charles Fay Bisbee
Male 1867-1897
Cynthia C. Hayes
Female 1873-1944
Lucius Alden Bisbee
Male 1826-1887
Margaret Delphine Graham
Female 1828-1907
Minerva Brooks
Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
Robert F. Hall
Male 1851-Yes, date unknown
Charles Brooks
Male -Yes, date unknown
Frances Brooks
Female -Yes, date unknown
Phedyma Bisbee
Female 1827-1903
Cornelius Brooks
Francis Bisbee
Male 1829-1854
Mabel Irene Bisbee
Female 1879-1968
Joseph Leonard Breidinger
Male 1865-1927
New chart
Lillian Bisbee
Female 1881-1966
Joseph Edward Gazeley
Male 1878-1964
New chart
Ira George Bisbee
Male 1884-1919
Grace Clark
Female -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Ormsby Bisbee
Male 1887-1925
Magdalene Milinda Niles
Female 1880-1967
New chart
Grace Bisbee
Female 1889-1981
Linsey Albert Good
Male 9 Mar 1891/1892-1975
Blanche I. Bisbee
Female 1892-1973
Raymond A. Wiley
Male 1889-1965
New chart
John Langdon Bisbee
Male 1852-1931
Mary Pratt
Female 1859-1894
Sarah Bisbee
Female 1857-1860
Earl Brunson Bisbee
Male 1890-1918
Estella Rosina Lind
Female Abt 1893-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Irene Bisbee
Female 1895-1914
Bessie Brownson Bisbee
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
J. L. Kearney
Male -Yes, date unknown
Sherwin N. Bisbee
Male 1862-1924
Hattie L. Brunson
Female 1866-1956
Winnifred Sillge
Female 1886-1971
Albert Henkel
Male 1884-1955
New chart
Sarah Sillge
Female 1891-1974
Gertrude Bisbee
Female 1864-1926
William M. Sillge
Male 1857-1950
Ira Bisbee
Male 1831-1892
Sarah Ann Denney
Female 1837-1891
Berta Helen Thompson
Female 1876-1948
Rev. George O. Long
Male -Yes, date unknown
Elmer Martin Thompson
Male 1879-1951
Maude Hurst
Female -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Arthur Joseph Thompson
Male 1891-Yes, date unknown
Matilda Kubitschek
Female -Yes, date unknown
Clara Mary Thompson
Female 1893-1962
Orris Gladen Young
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Ida Calista Bisbee
Female 1857-1927
Smith Thompson
Male 1845-1926
Mary Helen Bisbee
Female 1858-1859
Cora Bisbee
Female 1861-1862
Roy M. Bisbee
Male 1887-1922
Female 1887-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Jessie Carroll Bisbee
Male 1888-1955
Mary Lauson
Female 1890-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Florence Mae Bisbee
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
Clifford C. Morton
Male Abt 1886-Yes, date unknown
New chart
John Doneley
Male -Yes, date unknown
Ralph Frederick Bisbee
Male 1895-1984
Female -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Frank Milo Bisbee
Male 1866-1909
Belle Newcome
Female 1870-Yes, date unknown
Boyd Dearborn Bisbee
Male 1904-1972
Elvira Jones Davies
Female 1907-Yes, date unknown
Mamie Adrian
Female 1882-1911
Helen Blanche Bisbee
Female 1917-1975
Albert B. Condra
Male 1914-1996
New chart
Luke Lincoln Bisbee
Male 1869-1947
Flora Belle Rusk
Female 1880-1971
Elmer Dearborn Bisbee
Male 1871-1950
Mamie Adrian
Female 1882-1911
George Kimball Bisbee
Male 1916-1982
Margaret Ruth McMurry
Female 1928-2010
New chart
Esther Helen Bisbee
Female 1917-2011
Roland D. Brown
Male 1915-1993
New chart
R.A. Bisbee
R.L. Pullen
New chart
Stella Spelman Kimball
Female 1880-1968
George Milo Bisbee
Male 1834-1918
Helen Dearborn
Female 1840-1911
Ellen Bisbee
Female 1858-Yes, date unknown
William Bisbee
Male 1859-1894
Lilian Harvey
Female 1858-1928
Fern A. Bisbee
Female 1888-1917
William Frederick Lassow
Male 1883-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Eugene T, Bisbee
Male 1861-1920
Nettie Daggett
Female -1891
Mae A. Norton
Female -Yes, date unknown
Avis Winnie Kubasta
Female 1885-1938
Emily Bisbee
Female 1863-Yes, date unknown
Wade Archer
Male 1892-Yes, date unknown
William David Archer
Male 1896-1986
Edith Aurora Bisbee
Female 1868-1943
George Archer
Male 1841-Yes, date unknown
Myrtle Falk
Female Abt 1891-Yes, date unknown
Clifford Falk
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Daisy Edna Bisbee
Female 1871-
William H. Falk
Male 1855-1938
Frank H. Bisbee
Male 1877-1960
David Philo Bisbee
Male 1834-1922
Rose Ann Garty
Female 1836-Yes, date unknown
Phoebe Overton
Female -1909
Ira Cottrell
Male 1854-1926
Carrie Batchelor
Female 1856-1935
George Cottrell
Male 1856-Yes, date unknown
Anna Harrington
Female -Yes, date unknown
Susan Mary Bisbee
Female 1836-1913
Joseph Cottrell
Male 1826-1895
Infant Bisbee
Male 1841-1841
Walter Packard
Male 1859-Yes, date unknown
Nellie A. Packard
Female 1863-1898
Ida Josephine Packard
Female 1865-Yes, date unknown
Harlow E. Ellis
Male -Yes, date unknown
Syrena Lincoln Bisbee
Female 1841-1895
Rufus Packard
Male 1832-1917
New chart
Ziba Bisbee
Male 1792-1865
Syrena Lincoln
Female 1797-1860

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