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51 (M. N. Ferris) daughter of William Ferris. Goldsworthy, Mrs. Holly Berry (I7704)
52 (Medical):12 Sep 1918, Herbert Charles Kibbe is described as tall, slender, light blue eyes, brown hair and no disabilities. Kibbe, Herbert Charles (I18592)
53 (Medical):5 Jun 1917, L. Burr Kibbe is described at 6'-2" tall, of medium build, gray eyes, black hair and no handicaps. Kibbe, Leland Burr (I23030)
54 (Medical):Alvah suffered chronic bronchial asthma. Bisbee, Alvah Chene (I81)
55 (Medical):Amelia suffered severe arthritis involving all joints of the extremeties since about 1920. Marquardt, Amelia A. (I2047)
56 (Medical):As of Sep 1918, Charles was of medium height, stout build, had gray eyes, dark brown hair and no disabilities. Atwater, Charles (I17345)
57 (Medical):At age 39, Eli A. Dunnihoo is described as 5'-6 1/2" tall, 128 lbs, light complexion, gray eyes, dark brown hair. He claims disability in that he lost part of the tip of his left index finger in a bread-slicing machine in the mess hall at Forth Leavenworth, Kansas in May, 1895, and is no longer able to work as a cigar maker. He also claims Rheumatism that led to heart disease, caused by lying in mud and snow during a practice march from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to Fort Riley, Kansas, in September and October, 1896, a round trip of 300 miles. Quattermaster Sargeant Otto Skiles, a fellow soldier, testifies that, "Dunnihoo was never of a robust or healthy appearance, being slight of build, pale and thin and in a generally run-down condition...Dunnihoo complained from time to time of not feeling well...." He goes on to say, "that during this march the distances covered were approximately from twelve to eighteen miles daily and several times camp was pitched in a rain and on several occasions the daily march was made in rain and mud." His claim for invalid pension was rejected because the injury to his finger was judged to be of no consequence and because Dunnihoo could not prove that his rheumatism and heart trouble were a result of his military service. After his death, his widow applied for pension on the grounds that Eli's tuberculosis was contracted as a result of his military service. Her claim was also rejected. Dunnihoo, Eli Alvador (I29934)
58 (Medical):At age 48, Elisha Bisbee stood 5' - 7" tall, weight 136 lbs, fair complected, with medium brown hair and blue eyes. Bisbee, Elisha M. (I2161)
59 (Medical):Charles stood 6-feet tall, was dark complected, and had blue eyes and brown hair. Trass, Charles (I2247)
60 (Medical):Clyde Bacon was of medium height and medium build, with grey eyes, and brown hair. Bacon, Clyde Eugene (I127)
61 (Medical):Ephraim stood 5'-10", was dark complected with light hair and blue eyes. Bisbee, Ephraim (I53)
62 (Medical):Had Alzheimer's at time of death. Bisbee, Samuel Charles (I113)
63 (Medical):Had Alzheimer's at time of death. Bisbee, Buster Edwin (I249)
64 (Medical):Had arterio-sclerosis 5 years Bisbee, Adelbert Melvin (I18229)
65 (Medical):His left side had been partially crippled since birth. Comer, Elmer L. (I17399)
66 (Medical):in June of 1917 William was not married. He was tall, of medium build, had light brown eyes, black hair, was not bald and had no handicaps. Atwater, William (I17347)
67 (Medical):May 10, 1941 to May 10, 1951, and that death occured at 10:45 pm. SS Rosenblum MD. At home, 212 N. Elm St. Centralia, Marion, IL. Elliott, Sidney Allen (I20936)
68 (Medical):Medical Information: Direct cause of death: pneumonia - Veins Rt Lobe. Due to generalized arteriosclerosis, due to acute nephritis at 7:57 AM, in hospital. There was an autopsy performed. Wisher, Lulu May (I20931)
69 (Medical):Multiple Sclerosis Bisbee, Karen Elaine (I10)
70 (Medical):Nettie was at Warren State Hospital for five years. Death certificate says she had simple senile dementia for eight years prior to her death. She also had chronic myocarditis and generalized arteriosclerosis for an unknown length of time. She died five days after a fall to the floor in the hospital ward, at 10 a.m. on February 27, 1952, which broke her left femur. No other person was involved. Bisbee, Nettie Elida (I83)
71 (Medical):On April, 1907, Frank L. Reynolds was examined by the Veteran's Administration. The guardian (Addison Reynolds) states that he (Frank) has grown up in about the same condition as at present, is harmless and childlike, and has had to be cared for as a 5 yr old child. He is age 27, 5'-9" tall, weighs 120 lbs, light complected, with blue eyes and light brown hair. "He is a slender rather delicate young man with flabby muscles and soft hands. Crown of head quite small and facial expression bashful and boyish and indicates very limited intelligence. He talks with some contortions of the mouth and is unable to articulate many words. Cannot speak his whole name distinctly. He seems to understand our simple questions imperfectly. He cannot count above ten and cannot read or write. The chest is small and sternum prominent and there are bronchial rales and some cough from a chronic bronchitis. He is phhysically weak and thus unable to do manual labor. His motions are slightly uncertain. Cannot chop wood with an ax. He is unknown to any member of this board. His guardian states that he had no special malpractices, but has at times a violent temper. He can under the immediate direction do some light chores. His disability is a feeble mindedness bordering on imbecility and he is totally unable to care or take care of himself. And his condition indicated that he has always been so. He is not insane. He is nearly idiotic, but should be strictly classed as extremely feeble minded." Reynolds, Frank L. (I2976)
72 (Medical):Orson James Stanton was of medium height, medium build, had blues eyes and dark brown hair. Stanton, Orson James (I23005)
73 (Medical):Radium implantation, November, 1940. Trass, Gertrude A. (I168)
74 (Medical):See attached sources. Cottrell, Liza Izora (I101)
75 (Medical):See attached sources. Taylor, Leon Deforest (I214)
76 (Medical):See attached sources. Bisbee, Thaddeus John (I2563)
77 (Medical):See attached sources. Hatch, Ralph Elwin (I3035)
78 (Medical):See attached sources. Vincent, Maria J. (I3081)
79 (Medical):See attached sources. Cottrell, Freddy (I3097)
80 (Medical):See attached sources. Cottrell, John (I3098)
81 (Medical):See attached sources. Cottrell, Emmet (I3099)
82 (Medical):See attached sources. Mallory, Andrew G. (I8706)
83 (Medical):When he was 21 years old, Leslie George Sterling was tall, of medium build, had blue eyes and dark brown hair. Sterling, Leslie George (I23024)
84 (Research):"Centerville; Margaret (Peg) GAMBLE, 84, 235 E. Main St., died Aug. 17, 1989, at Fairview Medical Care Facility.
"She was born July 20, 1905, in Fremont, a daughter of Glen and Joan (FOREMAN) BISBEE.
"On Dec. 16, 1927, she married Robert C. GAMBLE, in Kalamazoo. He died in 1957.
"She graduated from Western Michigan University in 1926 and began her teaching career in Hastings and Kalamazoo. She has been a Centreville resident since 1931, when she and her husband opened Gamble's Pharmacy. She taught kindergarten in Centreville for 27 years.
"She was a member, elder and pianist of the Presbyterian Church, Three Rivers, and member of the National, Michigan and Centreville Education Associations, the Tenure Committee, the Ladies Library Association, Kalamazoo, and Beta Tau Delta Sorority Kalamazoo, she had been faculty advisor to the Future Teachers of American Club, served on the St. Joseph County Tuberculosis Association Board of Directors and was secretary of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. She also was chairman of the Centreville Red Cross Drive, on the Council for St. Joseph County Department of Social Services, was a volunteer for Fairview Medical Care Facility, on the Township Library Board, on the Advisory Committee-COA Widow's Support Group, with the Three Rivers Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shop and for 13 years was legislative chairman of the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel. She had organized and directed a robed junior choir at the Centreville United Methodist Church. In 1973, she was honored as Centreville Woman of the Year.
"Surviving are one son, Robert F. Gamble, Centreville; tow granddaughters, Christine GAMBLE and Nancy HARTMAN, both of Centreville; four great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Arthur (Virginia) GUENTHER, Grand Rapids; one sister-in-law; and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents and two granddaughters, Sue GAMBLE and Mary LUNG.
"Cremation has taken place. Memorial services will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Centreville United Methodist Church with Richard Cripe officiating. Burial of the cremains will be in Prairie River Cemetery, Centreville. Arrangements were handled by the Rexrode-Eley Funeral Home, Centreville.
"Memorials may be directed to the Nottawa Township Library Building Fund. Envelopes are available at the funeral home." 
Bisbee, Margaret E. (I12010)
85 (Research):"Genealogy of Thomas Hopkins" - NYS Historical Society Library, Cooperstown, NY Hopkins, Thomas (I20774)
86 (Research):"Tryphena Bisbee Crandall, daughter of James and Polly Packard Bisbee, was born April 4, 1819, in Chenango County, New York. She was married to Myron Nathan Crandall in 1840 at Nauvoo, Illinois. At the time the Mormons were driven out of Nauvoo in 1846, she and her family went to Kanesville, Iowa, where they lived until 1850, then crossed the plains to Great Salt Lake Valley. " --Our Pioneer Heritage.

From Utah Cemetery Inventory:
Name: Tryphena Bisbee Crandall
Birth Date: 4 April 1819
Birth Place: Newyork
Death Date: 12 November 1863
Death Place: Springville
Burial Date: 0 0 0
Cemetery: Springville City Cemetery
Source: Sexton / Grant
Grave Location: Blk. 59 Lot 2 Pos. 4
Relatives: Father Mellin 
Bisbee, Tryphena (I9197)
87 (Research):#( 55) Arthur Floyd Neely, twin, son of Charles and Mary D. (Seacord) Neely, was born Feb 1881 in E. River, Cortland Co., NY, and married (157) Lillian V. Goodell who was born 7 Aug 1883 in Bridgeport, CT. Arthur Floyd twin died 25 Sep 1935 in Cortland, Cortland Co., NY and was buried in McGraw, Cortland Co., NY. Lillian V. died 3 Oct 1954 in 35 Homer Ave., Cortland, Cortland Co., NY and was buried in McGraw, Cortland Co., NY.

# 158 William Archie Neely b.c 1903
# 159 Paul Neely b. 30 Aug 1909 d. Jul 1987
# 160*Marion Duane Neely b. 21 May 1915 d. 5 Sep 1988
# 161*Mary Neely b. 20 Mar 1919 d. Jul 1989 
Goodell, Lillian V. (I29811)
88 (Research):(From Ohio Deaths, 1958-2000 -- ancestry.com)
Name: Ethel Bisbee
Gender: 2
Date of Death: 25 November 1987
Birth Date: 13 November 1909
Volume: 27074 Certificate: 085150 Autopsy: Yes - Used for certification
SSN: 295242010
Marital Status: Widowed
Hispanic Origin: American
Place of Death: London, Madison County
Certifier: Physician
Race: White
Birth Place: Ohio
Residence: London, Madison County
Age: 78 Years 
Chaffin, Ethel (I12396)
89 (Research):1830 Manchester, Hartford, CT
Jarod 20-30 (25)
Eliza 20-30 (25)
Ruhama 50-60

1840 Amity, Erie, PA
Alanson 5-10 (5)
Jarod 30-40) (35)
Mary <5 (2)
Aurelia 5-10 (8)
Eliza 20-30 (sic) (35)
Ruhama 70-80 (sic)

It appears that Ruhama was widowed young and lived with her son Jared. They all moved from Manchester, Hartford, Connecticut, to Amity, Erie, Pennsylvania about 1834 (between the births of Jared's children Aurelia and Alanson). She married Roswell Hatch between 1840-1850 after his first wife died. Ruhama was probably somewhat older than Roswell and fudged her age in the 1850 census. 
Fox, Mrs. Ruhama (I17659)
90 (Research):1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN
Hiram Hatch 24 M Laborer born NY
In the home of William and Abigal Bennet 
Hatch, Hiram (I23544)
91 (Research):1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN 179 D
Theron V. Hatch married male, 35 born IN Farmer
Father born PA, Mother born NY
Amelia Hatch wife female, 32 born IN Keeps house
Father born Germany, Mother born IN
Auther Hatch son male, 9 born IA
Edwin Hatch son male, 6 born IN

1910 US Census, Eel River twp, Allen, IN. T624_338 ED5 P62A 28APR L2 V137
HATCH THERON V hd m wh ae64 1M40y b.IN fb.NY mb.NY farmer owns/farm/free
HATCH AMELIA E wife f wh ae61 1M40y 5ch/3surv b.IN fb.FRA mb.PA
HATCH CLINTON son m wh ae20 S b.IN fb.IN mb.IN laborer/home farm 
Hatch, Theron Versil (I24112)
92 (Research):1880 US Census, LeBoeuf, Erie, PA. T9-1128 ED167 7JUN P122C L12 V74 A572-7/37
DRAKE HENRY wh m ae40 M teamster b.PA fb.PA mb.PA
DRAKE AMANDA wh f ae32 wife M keeping house b.CAN fb.CAN mb.CAN
DRAKE JOHN wh ma ae11 son S att sch b.PA fb.PA mb.CAN
DRAKE GEORGE wh ma ae2 son S b.PA fb.PA mb.CAN 
Drake, William Henry (I19524)
93 (Research):1900 US Census, Beaver Creek, Fergus, MT. T623_91 ED26 15JUN SH4B L62 V68
HATCH S WINFIELD hd wh m b.MAY1851 ae49 single b.PA fb.PA mb.PA capitalist, owns/home/free
HATCH A JULIA sister wh f b.AUG1856 ae43 single b.PA fb.PA mb.PA
Lives next door to L WILSON HATCH (qv).

1910 US Census, Precinct-1, Santa Barbara, CA: CAT624_105-0043 ED166 3JUN P20B L90 D139 V140
HATCH SCOTT hd m wh ae57 S b.PA fb.PA mb.PA own income rents/home
HATCH JULIA A sister f wh ae55 S b.PA fb.PA mb.PA own income

1920 US Census, Chelan, Chelan, WA. T625-1921 14JAN P55B L70 D131 V203
Farm on Avenue
HATCH WILSON L hd owns m wh ae58 M b.PA fb.PA mb.US farmer/general
HATCH E wife f wh ae41 M b.WA fb.NY mb.WI
HATCH FRED A son m wh ae18 S b. fb. PA mb.WI laborer/ farm
HATCH ROBERT F son m wh ae10 S att sch b.MT fb.PA mb.WA
HATCH SCOTT bro m wh ae67 S b.PA fb.PA mb.US
HATCH JULIA A sis f wh ae65 S b.PA b.PA fb.PA mb.US 
Hatch, Julia Armetta (I17739)
94 (Research):1900 US Census, Brampton, Sargent, ND: NDT623_1232-0037 ED156 18JUN P18A L12 V138
HATCH EUGINE L boarder wh m b.OCT1863 ae36 S b.PA fb.PA mb.PA well drilling

1910 US Census, Forman Twp, Sargent, ND: NDT624_1148-0009 ED193 19APR P3B L78 V56
HATCH EUGENE L boarder m wh ae47 S b.PA fb.PA mb.PA teamster/odd jobs

1920, 1930 Eugene L. Hatch not found. 
Hatch, Eugene Lafayette (I17742)
95 (Research):1910 US Census, Eel River twp, Allen, IN. T624_338 ED5 P62A 28APR L40 V148
KELL GEORGE SR hd m wh ae64 1M43y b.IN fb.FRA mb.PA farmer owns/farm/free
KELL GERTRUDE dau f wh ae40 S b.IA fb.IN mb.IN
KELL LOUISE A dau f wh ae37 S b.IA fb.IN mb.IN
KELL dau f wh ae35 S b.IN fb.IN mb.IN
KELL BEATRICE dau f wh ae31 S b.IN fb.IN mb.IN teacher
KELL WALTER B m wh ae21 S b.IN fb.IN mb.IN 
Kell, George V. (I24133)
96 (Research):1910 US Census, Marblehead Village, Danbury Twp, Ottawa, OH. T624-1220 ED172 22APR P218B L58 V133 A441-14/58
GEISMAN HENRY hd m wh ae31 M1.7y b.OH fb.OH mb.OH
POKEY BERNARD bro-in-law m wh ae25 S b.OH fb.OH mb.OH brakeman/railroad

1910 US Census, Street, Oak Harbor Village, Ottawa, OH. T624-1220 ED176 15APR P13A L12 V319 A584-25/12
LEASAR DANIEL hd m wh ae72 M1.52 b.PA fb.PA mb.PA owns/farm/free
HANLY LYDIA W boarder f wh ae25 S b.OH fb.OH mb.OH house keeper/school

There is no real evidence that the above Bernard Pokey and Lydia Hanly are Alden's parents, but...
According to a family member, Alden's middle name was Bernard. Also, Lydia Hanly is the only Lydia found in Ottawa County who was single and of the appropriate age

1920 US Census, Marblehead Village, Danbury Twp, Ottawa, OH. T625-1424 ED185 12JAN P232B L79 V133 A1075-14/21
Main Street
POKEY LYDIA hd f wh ae36 Wd b.OH fb.OH mb.GER
POKEY ALDEN son m wh ae8 S att sch b.OH fb.OH mb.OH dressmaker/at home

1930 US Census, Erie, Erie, PA. T626-2036 ED38 8APR P9B L71 V223 A22-20/26
420 East 10th Street
POKEY LYDIA hd rents/$20.00 radui f wg ae46 Wd Mae27 b.OH fb.OH mb.GER dressmaker/home
POKEY ALDEN son m wh ae19 S b.OH fb.OH mb.OH laborer/iron works
FOGEL GERTRUDE roomer f wh ae45 S b.PA fb.US mb.US saleslady/varnish store 
Pokey, Alden (I22595)
97 (Research):1920 US Census, Careaga, Santa Barbara Co, CA, ED108 P16B
1930 US Census, Klamath Falls, OR 
Norton, Bertha Elizabeth (I24252)
98 (Research):1920 US Census, Eel River twp, Allen, IN. T625_420 ED6 P1A 2JAN L37 V9
HATCH CLINTON J hd rents m wh ae30 M b.IN fb.IN mb.IN stock farmer
HATCH wife f wh ae28 wh M b.IN fb.IN mb.IN
HATCH MARY dau f wh ae1y9mo S b.IN fb.IN mb.IN 
Hatch, Clinton Jacob (I24131)
99 (Research):1920 US Census, Eel River twp, Allen, IN. T625_420 ED6 P2A 5JAN L32 V30
KELL GERTRUDE W hd owns/free f wh ae49 S b.IA fb.IN mb.IN
KELL LOUISE A sis f wh ae47 S b.IA fb.IN mb.IN country school teacher
KELL JESSIE E sis f wh ae45 S b.IN fb.IN mb.IN
KELL BEATRICE sis f wh ae43 S b.IN fb.IN mb.IN kintergarden teacher 
Kell, Gertrude Wilma (I24134)
100 (Research):1930 US Census, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA. T626-129 ED1109 8APR P220B L63 V162 A1037-12/19 SH6B
St. Matthews Church School
2900 East Seventh Street
BISBEE LOUISE E hd rents/85 radio f wh ae33 S b.IL fb.IL mb.IN teacher/parochial school
follows a list of seven other teachers described as "assistant"

Louise appears never to have married. Perhaps she was a nun. 
Bisbee, Louise E. (I19064)

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