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"The Bisbee Family From Kent, England To Cisco, Texas"

Source Information

  • Title "The Bisbee Family From Kent, England To Cisco, Texas" 
    Short Title Owings, Vestal Andrew: Obit 
    Author Charles L. Bisbee 
    Publisher unpublished manuscript, Andrews, Texas, 1981
    This monograph was written from materials provided by other members of the family after a trip back East to learn about their heritage. C. L. Bisbee appears to have done no origianal research, and much of the information about the early Bisbee settlers in this country is wrong. However, there is reason to believe the information he provides about his own immediate family is true and accurate. Copy provided by Mae Williams Bisbee, Cisco, Texas, April 24th, 1998. 
    MEDI Monograph 
    Source ID S69 
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