A Bisbee Family History

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Springville, Utah, Utah, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 40.1655552777778, Longitude: -111.61


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bird, Della Rae  7 Mar 1923Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31897
2 Bird, Nicholas Groesbeck  15 Sep 1903Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31894
3 Boyer, Arthur Crandall  5 Aug 1901Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31808
4 Boyer, Betty Louise  26 Oct 1918Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31925
5 Boyer, Catherine  27 Dec 1891Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31770
6 Boyer, Dell Delos  25 Jun 1879Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31968
7 Boyer, Della  13 Aug 1901Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31892
8 Boyer, Dora May  11 Dec 1908Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31858
9 Boyer, Edward Herbert  21 Feb 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31810
10 Boyer, Ernest Marcellus  15 Apr 1871Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31884
11 Boyer, Ernest Marcellus Jr.  24 Dec 1912Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31914
12 Boyer, Florence  30 Jul 1908Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31912
13 Boyer, Francis Oscar  5 Feb 1917Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31947
14 Boyer, Harlan Lee  14 Oct 1873Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31936
15 Boyer, Harlan William  4 Jan 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31857
16 Boyer, Jane  10 Jun 1921Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31811
17 Boyer, John Selvoy  31 Mar 1867Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20672
18 Boyer, Julia Ida  19 Jan 1876Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31940
19 Boyer, Kate  28 Sep 1903Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31911
20 Boyer, LaMar Selvoy  5 Jun 1921Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31817
21 Boyer, Lela Rakestraw  26 May 1899Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31888
22 Boyer, Lois Elaine  4 Feb 1923Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31862
23 Boyer, Lois Eliza  7 Jun 1897Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31856
24 Boyer, Margaret Chloe  26 Dec 1889Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32083
25 Boyer, Mary B.  10 Nov 1906Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31809
26 Boyer, Myron Augustus  27 Dec 1868Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20673
27 Boyer, Myron Oscar  26 Jan 1894Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31855
28 Boyer, Pauline  30 Sep 1930Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31834
29 Boyer, Selvoy Jarrett  6 Feb 1897Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31807
30 Buchanan, Elaine  7 Feb 1922Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31776
31 Buchanan, Garth Boyd  4 Aug 1917Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31774
32 Buchanan, Trysa Genevieve  1 Sep 1923Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31802
33 Christianson, Florence Myrtle  18 Apr 1904Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31867
34 Clegg, Eliza  26 Dec 1869Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31852
35 Crandall, Bertha Tryphena  28 Oct 1882Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20678
36 Crandall, Blanche Tryphena  9 May 1879Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20679
37 Crandall, Clara Elizabeth  10 Oct 1865Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31995
38 Crandall, Daniel Marcellus  9 Dec 1855Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20662
39 Crandall, David Delos  14 Nov 1858Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20663
40 Crandall, Ella  12 Nov 1892Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32074
41 Crandall, Eugene  28 Jan 1887Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32073
42 Crandall, Florence  1 Dec 1895Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32080
43 Crandall, Franklin Austin  21 Nov 1850Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20660
44 Crandall, Franklin Edgar  1 Sep 1869Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20669
45 Crandall, Harvey Leslie  19 Jan 1874Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31994
46 Crandall, Helen  15 Sep 1909Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32005
47 Crandall, Helen Irene  4 Jul 1879Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32001
48 Crandall, Hettie Margaret  9 Sep 1873Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31985
49 Crandall, Hyrum Oscar  13 Jan 1867Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20668
50 Crandall, Josephine  27 Sep 1897Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32079

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bisbee, Tryphena  12 Oct 1863Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I9197
2 Boyer, Dora May  30 Dec 1908Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31858
3 Boyer, Edward Herbert  28 Oct 2002Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31810
4 Boyer, Ernest Marcellus  23 Jan 1941Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31884
5 Boyer, Harlan Lee  25 Apr 1925Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31936
6 Boyer, Harlan William  18 Feb 1997Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31857
7 Boyer, John Sell  4 Oct 1925Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20671
8 Boyer, John Selvoy  21 Jul 1945Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20672
9 Boyer, Julia Ida  18 Feb 1942Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31940
10 Boyer, Kate  14 Aug 1921Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31911
11 Boyer, LaMar Selvoy  6 Oct 2002Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31817
12 Boyer, Lela Rakestraw  31 Jan 1970Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31888
13 Boyer, Lois Eliza  2 Dec 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31856
14 Boyer, Margaret Chloe  24 Apr 1978Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32083
15 Christianson, Florence Myrtle  26 Feb 1981Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31867
16 Crandall, Clara Elizabeth  10 Dec 1865Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31995
17 Crandall, Franklin Austin  21 Sep 1883Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20660
18 Crandall, Julia Ann  20 Aug 1921Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20657
19 Crandall, Myron Nathan  4 Aug 1860Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I9702
20 Fox, Marshall Slinn  17 Dec 2003Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32106
21 Guymon, Clara  27 Aug 1985Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31859
22 Jarrett, Susannah Bailey  14 Oct 1943Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31769
23 Miner, Evelyn  11 Jul 2001Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31915
24 Porter, Andrew Leslie  2 May 1959Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31941
25 Porter, Charles Nahum  24 Dec 1985Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32446
26 Rakestraw, Glida Maria  19 Aug 1931Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31885
27 Sumsion, Max Whiting  21 Aug 2006Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31926


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 June  4 May 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32072
2 Bisbee, Tryphena  7 Sep 1860Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I9197
3 Boyer, Arthur Crandall  19 Apr 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31808
4 Boyer, Arthur Crandall  18 Apr 1930Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31808
5 Boyer, Betty Louise  9 Jan 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31925
6 Boyer, B.   I31875
7 Boyer, B.   I31875
8 Boyer, B.M.   I31876
9 Boyer, Catherine  9 Jun 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31770
10 Boyer, Catherine  19 Apr 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31770
11 Boyer, Dell Delos  2 Jun 1880Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31968
12 Boyer, Dell Delos  4 Jun 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31968
13 Boyer, Della  9 Jan 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31892
14 Boyer, Edward Herbert  19 Apr 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31810
15 Boyer, Edward Herbert  18 Apr 1930Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31810
16 Boyer, Edward Herbert  10 Apr 1940Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31810
17 Boyer, Ernest Marcellus  2 Jun 1880Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31884
18 Boyer, Ernest Marcellus  4 Jun 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31884
19 Boyer, Ernest Marcellus  9 Jan 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31884
20 Boyer, Ernest Marcellus Jr.  9 Jan 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31914
21 Boyer, Florence  9 Jan 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31912
22 Boyer, Francis Oscar  9 Jan 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31947
23 Boyer, Glen Sell  23 Jun 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31874
24 Boyer, Glen Sell  2 Jan 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31874
25 Boyer, Glen Sell  8 Apr 1930Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31874
26 Boyer, Harlan Lee  2 Jun 1880Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31936
27 Boyer, Harlan Lee  4 Jun 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31936
28 Boyer, Harlan William  12 Jun 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31857
29 Boyer, Harlan William  23 Jun 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31857
30 Boyer, Harlan William  2 Jan 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31857
31 Boyer, Harlan William  8 Apr 1930Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31857
32 Boyer, Harlan William  18 Apr 1940Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31857
33 Boyer, Ira Wayne  4 Jun 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32071
34 Boyer, Ira Wayne  4 May 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32071
35 Boyer, Jane  18 Apr 1930Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31811
36 Boyer, Jane  10 Apr 1940Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31811
37 Boyer, J.M.   I32089
38 Boyer, J.C.   I32088
39 Boyer, John Sell  8 Aug 1870Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20671
40 Boyer, John Sell  2 Jun 1880Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20671
41 Boyer, John Sell  4 Jun 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20671
42 Boyer, John Sell  4 May 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20671
43 Boyer, John Sell  9 Jan 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20671
44 Boyer, John Selvoy  8 Aug 1870Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20672
45 Boyer, John Selvoy  2 Jun 1880Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20672
46 Boyer, John Selvoy  9 Jun 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20672
47 Boyer, John Selvoy  19 Apr 1910Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20672
48 Boyer, John Selvoy  18 Apr 1930Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20672
49 Boyer, John Selvoy  10 Apr 1940Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20672
50 Boyer, J.   I31844

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Boyer   F11909
2 Boyer / Crandall  8 Feb 1866Springville, Utah, Utah, USA F7920
3 Crandall / Fuller  14 Sep 1879Springville, Utah, Utah, USA F7921
4 Crandall / Hurst  11 Mar 1857Springville, Utah, Utah, USA F7917
5 Crandall / Wimmer  9 Sep 1854Springville, Utah, Utah, USA F7916

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